The Sceptic's guide to Bitcoin,
Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain

Everything you're afraid to know but wanted to ask anyways!
It's like "Cryptocurrencies for dummies", but it doesn't insult your intelligence

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Why do you need this book?

Before committing to buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, wouldn't it be prudent to know how they work?

This is not a technical text. This book is for everyone who has looked in terror as the price of Bitcoin (& other digital currencies) continually rises and was tempted to buy in even though s/he doesn't understand it or doesn't know what's going on in the background. It describes what makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies tick, what are their current and future possibilities, and how can they be used, in plain language.

What is going on behind the scenes with Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs...?

Do you plan on buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, EOS, or any onf the thousands existing cryptocurrencies and tokens? Do you actually know what you are buying? If you already bought in, do you even know what you're holding?

Will the blockchain really transform everything?

Which data or processes does it even make sense to record in a blockchain? Where is it applicable and where it isn't? How the concept of a single ledger in a blockchain actually hinders Bitcoin's usability?

If you don't know the answers to these questions... should really just buy this book and get it all cleared out in the open. There is no maths, no code, no algorithms here. This is describing the consequences of all these things on the industry today, with plain language and metaphors rather than technical details. Read this booklet if you're puzzled but don't want to be bamboozled.

Buy the paperback on Amazon Buy for the Amazon Kindle Buy for other e-book readers

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